¡Feliz Navidad!

Or Merry Christmas as you United Staters call it. Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, who cares? It’s Christmas! I hope all my dear and faithful readers, there are tens of you, have had and are having a wonderful holiday and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then I hope you’re just having a good day in general. I didn’t expect to have a barrage of fireworks that lasted a few hours to welcome in this blessed day but I did. That’s just how the Peruvians do it. They must have seen our 4th of July and figured they had to trump it with their own celebrations. There’s not all too much to report on because I haven’t been doing much volunteering since everything around me has been closed for hearty celebrations and I’m actually not sure what I’m even doing tomorrow. Volunteering of some sort is going on but I imagine until I step out of a van tomorrow, I won’t know entirely where I’ll be located. Still. Excited to get back into the game and even more excited to welcome the 10 new people that will be arriving this weekend. Rabbis, children, and roommates galore. It’ll be interesting and I’ll finally get the experience of watching someone climb up one of those tiny ladders to the top bunk. Will they fall off in their sleep? We’ll find out. Until next time faithful readers where I hope to have some more exciting information and exciting stories and just exciting musings of the day. Enjoy the holidays, enjoy Boxing Day which is still one of the holidays, and enjoy the rest of the year while you still can. So it goes.


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