And then there was eleven.

Hello there. Hank here. Reporting in. Does my tone shift dramatically from blog post to blog post? You better your tushie it does. Do I have a rhyme or reason to what I do? Probably not. I just try to make it entertaining. Like a newspaper but actually exciting. Informatative and exhilirating. The Hank promise. Does this blog sometimes have a different tone after I’ve had a pisco sour or two? Maybe it does. I gotta throw some variety in there, I gotta keep you on the edge of your toes.

The big news. The big news of the day. I was “promoted” in my volunteer placement. Not entirely sure if I was “promoted” or not because I did not receive a bump in salary and I find my new pupils actually harder to communicate with. Though, worry not dear readers, I am not abandoning my “Say Si to everything” philosophy. Did I understand most of what the new teachers said to me today? I sure didn’t but I agreed to everything wholeheartedly. At least so far, no one thinks I’m a father. Or so I can gather. Just when you go from one person to seven people at a volunteer site you’re due for some changes. Like finally getting comfortable with knowing a group of three years old and being happy to have them actually understand your name and then moving onto five years olds. I know one of their names. A total of one. I’m not worried, I’ll figure it out eventually and it actually made me feel like I’m a new volunteer for the first time again. I would like to add that one of the children’s name is Brush. Brush. Let that sink in. Brush. I can only hope he becomes my best friend and/or adopted family. If I return home with a child named Brush, well it’s not everyday that you meet someone named Brush. I think it’s closer to Bruce than paintbrush but I can’t get over that his name is Brush. I AM NAMING MY FIRST BORN CHILD BRUSH REGARDLESS OF THEIR SEX. So it goes.


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