Well I didn’t mean to click that…

Welp! I had a nice blog all written out. Or at least a few hundred words. Then I accidentally hit one button and I deleted it all. Then I started to rewrite it just to have the page automatically refresh and delete that too. So enjoy this post. This post complaining about how I don’t want want to write another 500 words only for it to inevitably delete itself before I hit Publish. Dammit. This was not intended. Just know that today is the one month anniversary of my time here in Peru. A little less than six to go. It’s been a thrill, a real treat. I said a lot more words earlier, and I tried to express some thoughts. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on too much. I’m still chasing the epiphany of life that may never occur. I’m still hoping for a profound change to occur in my heart, brain, and soul and turn me into a new man. Maybe that’s not how reality works but I figure heading in that direction can’t hurt. At least if that’s my goal, maybe I’ll do something subconsciously to strive for it. Or even consciously. I feel my desire for change is going to exert a little change into myself. I went into more detail in the Lost Letters of Hank. Shame you aren’t able to read it. Don’t worry. Here’s hoping for month two. Maybe by then I’ll write this entire post in Spanish. So it goes.


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