Apparently my blog is becoming a known commodity

to the people of the house. That has never been my intention. Obviously it would be so I could write horrible things behind people’s back and they’d never know. Okay, that wasn’t the case. I just didn’t make it known because it’s me probably being a completely different tone than the persona they see every day. It’s not because I’m a different person in this blog, I’m just more of myself and I don’t typically show my true colors to strangers that I’m meeting for the first time. At the very least I can be glad that I showed much more color to these folks that are leaving tonight and tomorrow than my original crew. This isn’t a goodbye to them, that may come later. This is just a snippet of how I write. This is to say this is what you’ve heard about and this is what it truly is. A guy rambling on about things that may or may not be important to anyone other than himself. He hopes they are but who knows for sure. Honestly, it was extremely hard to not write exclusively about me singing karaoke tonight. Did I excel at it? Of course I did. I have the voice of a mermaid. A mermaid who sings Maroon 5 and High School Musical. Did I wish this bar gave us rankings after each song? Of course I do. I wanted that 100. Next time. I’ll get there. I’m just saying, a duet of High School Musical? You can’t find that just anywhere. Glad to know the new recruits (who have been here almost a week now) are a good find also. So far, so good. Onto another week. Another weekend. So it goes.


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