My Four Day Vacation:

I was going to post this in a couple posts but then I realized, why? Either way it’s going to be lots of words. If it’s too many words you’re not going to read two posts, so why not just combine it all together? And yes. Another classic moment of I wrote something and it got deleted so I’m starting all over again. What’s worse is that I know that’ll happen but I don’t go to any means to prevent it. It makes it more exciting.

A wise man once told me that I should schedule a mini vacation in the middle of my volunteering because I’ll return recharged and with a newfound energy. He may have been right. Or he may just have been right because I felt like I was going on my honeymoon just without the well, wife. I can’t help that when I’m in a hotel room and there are two bathrobes that I feel it’s a subtle hint that I shouldn’t be there alone. That I should be enjoying this with a sweet relationship or a close friend that loves chilling in robes. Which is almost every friend from what I would imagine. Quite simply, my journey to Arequipa was a beautiful, green, relaxing experience. Where I was able to see green again, where I was able to see rain for the first time, where I was able to enjoy natural hot springs on my lonesome, and where I was able to feel awkward as the only guy on the tour bus that needed the guide to speak to him in English. At least he’s earning the tip. Or he earned it. We are not in contact any more. The only thing I wish I knew is if he was so vocal about the potential for the volcano (one of three) to explode at literally any second. It’s okay. He at least said it with a smile that at some point in these people’s lifetimes that the volcano, Misti, would explode and kill every last one of them. Great sense of humor this guy. I’m getting ahead of myself though, there were other days before that. Days spent touring convents of nuns and having happy hour drinks in the middle of the day. Arequipa, the white city, where buildings are covered by layers of ash and nunneries are prevalent. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure nunnery was a word. Glad it was. Oh right! I even went to a llama museum. Llamas and alpacas. I didn’t even know cashmere came from a goat. And wild alpaca is even better than the darn goat hair. 1000$ for a sweater? Fashion is expensive. To show how much I appreciated seeing the museum, I ate alpaca later that day. Based off how expensive the fibers are, I expected a little more from the meat. At least I got 7 different types of potatoes alongside it. Honest opinion? I couldn’t tell the difference between six of them. That’s your fun potato fact of the day. Just because it’s a different color, doesn’t mean that it tastes much different.

From Arequipa, I went deeper into the Colca Valley which I believe is still part of Arequipa. I say that, yet it was a pretty long van ride so it could be completely different areas for all I know. I might have missed out on a little bit with my limited Spanish expertise. Still, it was nice to see such green. My hotel was amazing, it was surrounded by mountains and greens and hot springs and just amazing views. Another fun fact? Apparently, I’ve taken around 350+ photos on my camera alone while I’ve been here. Before I leave Peru in a couple of weeks I will upload those photos somewhere and post a link to find them. I know that I probably paint picturesque scenes in your mind with my prose but it might be nice for a few people to see what I’ve been seeing at least. Mountains are cool. Amazing views are cool. Green stuff is cool when you’re used to a desert. Just those two robes though. They robes even had hoods! Were they are bit short in the arms…and everywhere else? Sure. But it was a robe. With a hood. It was also extremely warm and I only wore it for about twenty minutes until a lady brought me chocolates and told me good night. That’s the kind of place I was staying at. That’s how I can come back refreshed. Other than having to wake up earlier and earlier each subsequent morning, it was the definition of relaxing. Though I saw a condor. Or two. I think. It was a big bird and it had big wings. Seeing as how the condor is a super special animal to Peru, I’m going to go along with me seeing it. Though there are no photos. I even saw a boy vomiting from altitude sickness. I do have photos of that. I have photos of lots of things. Now I just hope that when I do upload these photos they can even compare to seeing some of this stuff in person. Probably not. It’s just better than nothing I suppose.

Listen up. Peru has been great. I’m on the final stretch. I have three more weeks left here and that includes one that’ll be all about Machu Picchu and more of the Andes. I only have another two weeks of volunteering. And because I’m writing this on a Monday night I have even less than that. It’s the final stretch. I’m ready for it. I’ve really loved Peru and I’m glad I’ve been here so long. I could write on specific minute details about what I did over this four day trip or I could just write that it was a helluva good time on a journey full of them. I’ll try to keep writing about the more trivial matters until I leave because I don’t want all my posts to be rambling, broad pieces. There will be more love letters, there will be more references to me being a human tomato (Have I even used any yet? I will.) Let’s just finish this strong. So it goes.


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