A Wild Clown Appeared!

Of course on the day that a clown game and gave a whole freaking assembly to the center, it would be the day that I’m randomly called into the kitchen to wash dishes for an hour. Peruvian Locals Don’t Read My Blog Part 3. I witnessed some tap dancing, I witnessed some drumming. I saw scarves, I saw juggling balls, I saw a boom box. I didn’t get to witness those with my own eyes. Instead, I got to scrub wet bread scraps off of steel bowls. I am happy today wasn’t my last day. However, tomorrow is. There will be a post tomorrow or Saturday regarding all of that. It’ll be emotional, it’ll be sad, and it’ll also be weird. Weird in the sense that this has been my last two months and I’m about to leave Peru. That I’m going onto a new country to have new experiences. Leaving Is Weird Part 2 coming your way soon. Tears might even be shed. E-tears. You may not see them, but at the very least I’ll document them. So it goes.


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