Today was not my day.

The millions of readers of my blog probably look at me like an infallible deity, a man capable of no wrong, an icon, a mentor, a role model, their best friend, and many other equally if not more impressive titles. Today though, today, I had a folly. A couple follies. What’s important is that I’m in my hotel in Aguas Calientes right now and that’s where I was supposed to be tonight. I’ll embark for Machu Picchu in the morning like I intended. There were just some road bumps along the way. At first I blamed it on the travel agency. I thought I had around two hours between the end of my tour today of the Sacred Valley and my train to Aguas Calientes. Maybe I did. All I know is based off that knowledge I didn’t have a bag packed for Macchu Pichu. Because I didn’t know I would need to do that. Because I figured that’s what the two hours was for. Except I expressed that to the tour guide and he’s like “Oh golly boy, you’re gonna need to get back to Cusco City and then come back to us to get on that train.” So I might have missed a couple hours at the end of the tour. In my defense, I was there for a solid five hours already. Sure, I’ll blame the itinerary for that. It wasn’t entirely clear. It was probably my fault too. What was especially my fault was what happened next. I got back to my hotel, I got my stuff, I packed a bag, and then since it took longer than I had intended to get back there, that I would forego going back to where they were because I didn’t want to get lost and lose my train. Now I blame you Google Maps. I used it to find how close the town I needed to go for the train station was. It said 2.2 kilometers. Twenty minutes walking or five by car. It says get to the train station thirty minutes early. I figured I’d leave at six for my train at seven. I get up and ask the front desk what direction to head and they say “Oh golly sir, where you’re trying to go is one and half to two hours by car.” I say “Mierde.” They laugh. We all have drinks. Part of that didn’t happen. Instead they call me a cab, a cab that may have cost around 15x the amount that the public bus I took to get back to my hotel in the first place. Granted, I never expected to pay two dollars for a ride back so I was expecting a bit of a price increase anyway. I’m freaking out though. I realize I missed my train, and now I’m just hoping there is another one I can get on. Lo and behold there is. And sure, the clerk gives me a scare when he’s like “Cash please!” and I’m like “Man, yo, I don’t got that on me ya dig big boi?” and he’s like “Well, sir, look your card magically works now!” I was grateful. I got on the train. I slept. I think. I made it. I had someone with my name. Henry Refernirmi. I have no idea if I took his spot or if that is my new name. From Hans to Needermierhss. I don’t remember the exact spelling, it was just weird and not me okay?! Of course, they asked me why I missed my first train too and saying “Well, I don’t have a good grasp of reading” wasn’t a very good answer. I just said things happened and I got mixed up and I’m glad to be here now. Which is true. I’m glad to be here. I’m glad that I’m going to see a wonder of the world tomorrow. I’m glad that I made it somehow even if it wasn’t in an ideal situation. So it goes.


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