I’m tired of fudging mountains.

This is a message to you Floridians who complain that we don’t even have hills: Shut up. Sea level is a blessing. Not a curse. I’ll admit, I was one of you idiots that thought it would be nice to have some more scenery around here than just a palm tree or two. A mountain to scale would be nice. I was wrong, so so wrong. Or maybe I’d be a little less wrong if I’d actually done a bit more training or preparation for some high altitude trekking. Sadly, I don’t think I could do any training that would double my lungs in size. Do I climb these mountains though? Of course. I’m no chump. Plus, I want to show photos with great views even though people will remark “Oh wow, what a stellar view” and not “Did you have to climb a freaking mountain to take that? You’re like a modern day Hercules. Wow, I’m so impressed. I love you. Be mine forever? (Valentine’s Day reference.)” Either way, I’m excited to go to Costa Rica. I enjoyed Lake Titikaka, I enjoyed my time in Puno, I enjoyed the time in Cusco and Aguas Calientes that I didn’t write about in length as well. I may write more about them, but right now I’m sitting in a lobby of a hotel soon to be picked up to be taken to the airport so I can fly to Lima to enjoy my last night in Peru. Trust me, some cool stuff happened, but I also had a day where I stayed in entirely due to a stomach virus and the effects of that. I think you can understand the effects without me having to say them in detail. Diarrhea. A lot of it. Other things happened. Other things I may tell about. Or that’ll just be added to the mysterious legend of my life. The point is, Costa Rica tomorrow and then I’m off to change the world for the better once more. So it goes.


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