I made a child cry. It was an accident. I swear.

No, it wasn’t because he called me ugly. If it was because of that then I would have attacked the entire group of children. I should mention that it was not just me that was called ugly, as was the girl. We’re attractive people! Or at least she doesn’t deserve to be called ugly, and me on a good day, ugly is a slight exaggeration. They also didn’t have to beat us with things while they called us these horrible names. Nothing makes you feel worse than having to cower in a ball while children around the age of six throw things at your head and kick you in your teeth. Okay, the teeth kicking didn’t necessarily occur but I wouldn’t put it past them. Or him. Justin. Justin wasn’t any worse than the rest of them, he just suffered the most. Again, on accident! He may have been the one to call the girl a pinata and then proceed to beat her but it wasn’t a solo effort, he enlisted the whole squad. Or maybe he just joined in after someone else started it. He was in the wrong. I am not trying to rationalize my behavior. Especially since it was an accident. Did I regret the decision to lay on the ground and then have him treat me like a horse and he a cowboy? Sure I did. Because he seems to confuse cowboys with bullriders. Or he thought I was a bucking bronco and since I wasn’t doing the bucking, he had to simulate the bounciness himself and he did so. Repeatedly. Not an excuse for my actions. Just telling his story so there’s no sympathy for him when the moment of reckoning came upon him. It wasn’t even that bad. I’m not sure if he even cried. It just more looked like he had the fear of god, white god, instilled upon his soul. All I did was stand up. He happened to be attempting to crawl on my back. I’m not entirely sure how he did a front flip off of it. Did I assist in his gymnastics? I hope not. Not intentionally! The reality is that he front flipped off my own back face first onto a plastic crane toy. Head to the body of the crane. He took it like a champ. A champ too dazed to react kinda champ. What was impressive though? He didn’t snitch. Nor did the witnesses. They just looked upon me as a sort of monster. For ten minutes or so. Then they were over it. I made the boy not even want to eat. Instead, he’d just go to every available corner and curl up there along with stuffed animals. If there was an attempt to console him, he would reject it. He didn’t look too happy. He did eat though. He didn’t seem to bat an eye when I left though. Though I’m almost certain I heard a sigh of relief. It could have just been my imagination. I’m just hoping Justin is there tomorrow and I can make it an entire day without endangering him. So it goes.


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