Greetings from Madrid!

What’s today? Tuesday. I don’t know how time functions anymore. I figured I might as well blog once or twice from Spain because even though I’m not doing any life changing, revolutionary things here, I still might as well keep my loyal fans up to date on what’s going on. I just got back from the gym. Yeah, that’s right. You thought I’d quit? Nah. Not that easy. One week pass baby. Was it expensive? Yes. Yes, it was. But at least I get to see all the short shorts and shaved body hair of the Spanish mean. Obviously, my two favorite things. That’s a joke. This blog has not lightened up on the humor, don’t you worry. So what have I done, what have I done…Walked around the city yesterday, eating tapas and drinking sangria. I say drinking sangria like I had a lot. I had one. My first night of arrival I did have quite a few drinks. Then yesterday morning, I realized that hangovers don’t feel too nice and barely drinking for two months might have actually been a good thing. Apparently alcohol is illegal in Morocco too? If that’s the case then fine, I’ll get to be healthy again for another two months or so. I’ll come back looking just like an Adonis figure. Today, I’ll be going out with one of my cousin’s friends shortly and I’m not entirely sure what we’re doing so keep reading day after day for the possibility of details being exposed about that event. If not, re read what I already wrote. Because why not? Friday is a birthday for my dear cousin. And the next two days I’m going to attempt to do day trips to little cities outside of Madrid. At the very least I’ll get to one of them. Ideally, I get both. Has a lot more happened? Not really. I got a package that I’d been trying to get for months. So I finally got that new computer charger and gel pens. Yes. Gel pens. If you’re going to write, you might as well write with style. And we all know that style is my forte. They don’t call me Swag City for nothing. Who is they? If you don’t know, then there’s a reason you don’t know. Other than that, Madrid is a pretty cool city and I am digging it. Sure, in one day I’ve probably talked to my cousin’s neighbor more than she ever has due to door related issues and I pissed off a delivery boy because I thought the button to open the door downstairs was the same button that actually just hangs up the phone. Other than that though, it’s been smooth sailing. It’s just weird trying to contact people and then realizing that they’re all sleeping because I’m six hours ahead or so. That’s why this blog exists. I might not be able to have human conversations now or in Morocco, but at least you can know I still exist and read my words. Because as Nana Hank so eloquently put it “He sure writes better than he speaks.” So it goes.


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