Photos galore!

I’ve posted this link before in this blog, but I uploaded around 500 more photos to it and I wanted to keep everyone up to date. I just decided to now have it arranged newest to oldest, so you’ll see my most recent photos taken in Morocco immediately going all the way back to the end of my stay in Peru, and covering my entire stay of Costa Rica. Especially in Costa Rica, there might not be as many photos as I would have liked because some of my most fun adventures I didn’t bring a camera along with me for fear of it being destroyed (white water rafting, zip lines, rappelling down waterfalls, etc.). However, it should be a nice photo update to what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months and probably the last update I post before right around the end of my trip. So there will be plenty more photos of Morocco and wherever else I end up going eventually, but in the meantime bask in the glory of these photos. So it goes.


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