Another post about my mum?!

Don’t worry. This will be the last one. This day might mark 6 months abroad for me but it also marks something much more important. The birth of my mother, Kate Durr Elmore, way back in 1951. She is now 64 and I’d say she doesn’t look a day over 58! Impressive work. I know I gushed and praised in her in my post on Mother’s Day so I’m not here to do that. I’m just here to give her one of the illustrious Hank Wolf shoutouts. Like the Colbert Bump before me, where an author or artist would go on his show and see radical improvements in sales of their work, I’m trying to do the same thing here. Sales of my mother? Sales of her art? I don’t know if those apply and I don’t think she’s for sale. I’m more just trying to spread the word that it’s a day of celebration and she should be wished a happy birthday. Why? Because she made me. Without me, she’d just be a woman that spent the first 39 years of her life doing amazing things without having to worry about her spawn. Now she’s a woman doing new amazing things while I’m trying to be half the person she is. Continue getting older mom, and continue to do it elegantly and gracefully, and continue to do whatever it is old people do. Enjoy AARP next year and Social Security and Medicare and all those perks. Just enjoy being you. And to everyone else out there? Enjoy her. So it goes.


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