I miss all my friends, I’m losing touch.

I promise that this post won’t be as depressing as the title potentially makes it out to be. It’s more that I’ve posted about long lost loves (Patty), mortal enemies (Justyn), near death experiences (Moroccan taxies), and those who created me (parents) but I haven’t given enough shout out to my friends. To friends old and new. To friends and blue. I could have gone with Jews there as well. Also to clarify, the title is just a lyric in a song, not some insight into my heart of hearts. Though I do miss all of my friends. I don’t really feel I’m losing touch, but that’s probably not entirely true either. I’m losing touch in the way that you can talk to your friends frequently over the internet except it’s not going to compare at all to just hanging out with your buds. I may have alluded to these points in earlier blog posts or at least in conversations with friend so bear with me if this is redundant or anything. It’s true that you meet quite the arrangement of new faces while volunteering but they’re all temporary. They last a couple of weeks and you form bonds and then they’re off again. You’ll speak of reuniting and getting back together but in all honesty, you’re probably living in different states, leading different lives and then after a couple months you’ll just fade away from one another. Which I’m not saying to sound like a depressing bore, saying friendships can’t last, because there are a few people who I very much still keep in contact with and would love to see again and again. It’s just that after over six months of that you begin to really appreciate how great your friends are. Your ride or dies, your homies, your crew, your besties. Be they in the south, the north, the midwest, the east coast, the west coast, online, or otherwise you don’t know how much you appreciate them until you’re separated for them for months at a time. Maybe that isn’t true. I always knew I appreciated my friends. I’ve always loved them. It’s just that I thought I was better than the rest, that I’d never even get homesick, that I would be able to survive. And surely I can survive but it doesn’t mean that it’s getting harder. I can talk to them online, I can skype, but I can’t pick up the phone and give them a call or just make plans to actually hang out with them. I made references to wanting to go elsewhere than Florida upon arriving home and that may be the case, but it doesn’t change the love I have for the people. Because this is just all for my Florida peeps, though they know who they are, it’s for everyone. I’m happy that this showed I can still make meaningful and substantial relationships with people in just a few weeks time and start planting the seeds of a long bond, yet that doesn’t change the desire I have to just go home and be myself from the get go and not have to ease in my actual personality. I can just be me. I can be me and hang out and enjoy their company. Sometimes you do get lonely. I’m not talking a romantic lonely, I’m just talking a friendship lonely. If there’s even a difference between the two. It’s just that it’s hard to get to that level with people, the level I’m lucky to have with quite a few great people. I miss it, I want it. I’ve had a great 6+ months but I am looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to seeing the loves of my life and I’m not mentioning my cats. Though I miss them too. They’re friends! So friends out there, get at me, I’ll appreciate you no matter who you are. Until then, I’ll just keep on truckin’ here in Morocco. It’s been a great ride, and as the ride is coming to an end, I just want everyone to know how much I love them and appreciate them and miss them. That sounds like I’m dying or something. I’m not dying. Just dying to see some people. Get it? Oh man, oh man, oh man. Hilarious. So it goes.


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