I did post a tribute to my father on the ‘ol Facebook but since I did my parents the courtesy of blocking them on Facebook, I figured I might as well write something here as well. I’ve thanked my parents before, my mum specifically so I thought it was best to give words to the man who’s responsible for my creation. Not sure exactly what to say because if I am to be a stereotypical male, I’m not supposed to say much. But screw gender roles because I think I can muster up a few words. I’ll just thank Bob for being the man he is today. And the man he was 25 years ago. Maybe let’s say like 28 years ago even. All those other years before me, well, I guess they were important but probably not as important to my actual creation so they don’t matter as much. Or I hope not, because man, I’ve done quite a few things that I regret so I hope those don’t impact on how my potential future children will end up. Didn’t mean to get off on that tangent though. I’m just thankful to have been raised by a man that will blame others immediately when he farts and walks around constantly in his underwear. A guy that could do those things and somehow be a successful father and working man. A man willing to wake me up with a certain song for a year straight in high school who’s also unafraid of jumping out of a plane. He may not have done the latter but I figured if I’m writing this, I can say whatever I want to spice it up however I see fit. I know this is probably keeping it short and sweet, I’m just thankful and grateful to have a pop that helped turn me into the delightfully weird boy I am today. Based off that notion, some people could be less than thankful for him because I’m not your everyday normal fella. I like who I am though, some people like who I am and that’s good enough for me. And I couldn’t have done it without him, I couldn’t have done a lot of things without him, and I’m just glad he’s around. Even if he’s old. Happy Father’s Day to you, enjoy it, use that treadmill, and let’s hope the Magic pick a good player in the upcoming draft this Thursday. A lot of random thoughts thrown together though but I can’t help I don’t know entirely what to say. I hope I know you love you and if you don’t well, at least you got some written confirmation of it. You’re a cool dude, a cooler dad, and the coolest Django Unchained. Needed a D word and that was the first thing I could think of. Enjoy your day, enjoy whatever it is that Dads do on this day and I’ll see ya soon. So it goes.


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