Y’all thought the blog was dead didn’t ya. You thought I’d found true love and decided I would end this and ride off into the sunset. Well you were wrong. I’m still here and writing as much as ever. I definitely don’t think I can actually say as much as ever when I’ve written about one post in the last two weeks but just go with me here. I’m proud to say that I actually did stuff in Iceland. Compared to Ireland being let’s see how many pubs I can hit and let’s see how late I can stay up in the night talking to a cute girl, I managed to actually see things in Iceland. It did help that I got to meet up with my cousin Sara and her friend, and oh wait, her friend as well instead of being up to my own devices to actually plan things to do. Because I do seem to suffer when I’m in charge of doing that by my lonesome. We all know the old saying that goes Iceland is actually green and Greenland is actually icy. And if you don’t know that well now you do. That may very well be true, I think Iceland has some of the most beautiful natural beauty of anywhere I’ve visited but I’d still like to think it’s pretty damn icy. In July. If Greenland isn’t green and is just icy then I have no idea why anyone would ever want to visit “the world’s biggest island.” It could be because my cousin is from California and I’m from Florida but we just aren’t very well suited for the cold. Or maybe we just aren’t suited for wind. I’ll also admit that I knew next to nothing about Iceland. I knew that stupid Greenland quote, Bjork was from here, Sigur Ros (who gave me desert visions) came from here, and that I used to be friends with a girl who swam for them in the Olympics. I researched it for about another hour or so before I came to get me fully up to speed which meant that I knew it was apparently a safe place and that they spoke English. I didn’t know much more, I didn’t have many expectations other than I’d get a chance to see my cousin again. They say cousins who freeze together, bond together and that we did. Who is this they that I speak of? They don’t want you to know. They just reveal their secrets to me because they can trust me because they know I’ll write their words out beautifully and eloquently. I just feel that Iceland was another one of those loss for words types of places. I actually managed to start taking photos again and I was never very satisfied with them. Because a simple photo just can’t convey the majesty that is Iceland. The entire country is only around 300 thousand people and you can tell. You can tell because it doesn’t look like some over developed crap hole. It’s just a beautiful island that has volcanos, that has snow capped mountains, that has beaches, that has waterfalls, that has super attractive Scandinavian people, that has bars that never seem to close on weekends. When I’m writing these things, I always start out in a flurry of words and bust out a few hundo then slow down to a crawl. Then try to listen to things to inspire me, then realize I can’t listen and write things and the same time, before ultimately thinking I’ve barely said anything of substance but I’ve already written over six hundred words and that I need to put up some decent things before everyone gets too bored. It’s a complicated process to be me. I’ve experienced the hot springs of Iceland, I’ve experienced black sandy beaches, and I’ve experienced asian noodles more times than I can count (okay, four times). If I had written this is in a more timely manner things might be different because now I’m just realizing that I totally left out the whole story of ripping my pants in a bar while doing the limbo, followed by the next night have a drunk girl casually throw knives around (horribly, I might add) after she peed on a curb. There have been nights where I walked around the whole night in a sarong, and there have been other nights where I was driven around till six in the morning on a quest for a hot dog. Iceland has been a pretty crazy experience and it never gets dark! Those two thoughts don’t really go together at all but I forgot to mention that one too. Apparently in the winter it never gets light and in the summer it never gets dark. Which messes with your head, it messes with your head when it’s one am and you’re going out to the bar and it’s bright out and you’re thinking that it’s early and then you finish at 5 AM and it’s even brighter and it’s a trip. I feel like I have so many individual stories to tell but to lump them all together here wouldn’t do them justice. I should have blogged more about them, but with Iceland I was always doing something. Except today essentially. I was always going on eight or ten hour tours, then coming back, and going out again to visit the night life. It was an exhausting process but it was a fun one. And now, now I’m just sitting around and letting it finally sink in because this is my last day here. Do I have any plans today? No, not entirely but I imagine I’ll do something. Something more than just cleaning my clothes I hope. Either way, I’ve entirely enjoyed Iceland, I think it’s a beautiful place and I’m glad I saw a good chunk of it. Or as much as I could. Jeez, I didn’t even write about the penis museum. See, if you want to know more about Iceland just ask me. There’s so many things that I’ve already done and seen that I can’t even list them all off. Shark! Like shark. Eating shark. Eating toxic, I don’t have kidneys so I have to pee out of my skin, shark. Now I’m regretting that I didn’t include a daily post of my adventures here. Especially compared to Ireland, though I had my own adventures there and was more focused on the romance anyway. I just did so much stuff here. I did so much stuff and this blog post doesn’t do it justice. Just like the photos won’t do the nature justice. That’s just what happens sometimes though, and if people want to know more they should just ask. And hopefully I’ll have some good stories to tell. Oh yeah, last thing I should add is that I’ll post at least one more post here today trying to chronicle my feelings on finally going home after over seven months abroad. Also, since at least one person asked, I will be continuing this blog once I return to Florida. At least a couple of times. My fans need it. So it goes.


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