As I sit here wondering when the proper time to wake up tomorrow morning, I realize that I sure didn’t live up to my earlier promise to keep blogging like I used to. Which might not matter to some, okay let’s be real, it’s something that doesn’t matter to most and then I start to wonder will that play out just the exact same if I make the promise in this post to blog more? Which leads me to wondering why the hell am I writing about how much I’m going to blog when I’m trying to write a long overdue post about my first semester back at Alabama in four years because I sure as shit didn’t write anything at all about it during the semester. And that I’m only writing this right now because I start summer school tomorrow morning and I know that if I start a new semester of school, how the heck am I going to remember to comment on the last semester. I don’t even know what I want to write about for the last semester! I think a big reason why I don’t know what to write about is because I’ve literally talked out loud to a few people about what I would write. Except by talking about it out loud it seems less and less pertinent to put it out into the written word. However, one could say that I have millions of fans and that if I don’t put it out for them then it’s not fair and you’re right. Whoever you are that is saying I have millions of fans is right and I like you. You’re probably me in the future who wants to inform me of all my success. Thanks future Hank, you’re a real doll.

You could be wondering whatever in the world does that number up top mean. Oh, are you talking about my GPA*? (*My GPA exclusively for Spring 2016, if I was to share my actual GPA, well it would receive much less enthusiasm.) Who would have thought that my highest GPA in my collegiate history, and probably my high school history and probably my entire history would be now. Would be now with me being four years removed from Alabama and my last semester here happening to result in me not doing so hot. Or with me failing an entire semester. The first person who would have thought I’d do this well is not me. I don’t think it’s anyone, unless that anyone is a liar then maybe it’s you. I was skeptical about coming back to Alabama, which I think makes sense both when you failed your last time here and when you’re entering after a string of rejection letters. I know I covered some of these things in a post about coming back to Alabama, or at least I think I did. Just color me surprised. I do think I’m intelligent, I do think I can be a hard worker when the time calls for it, and I do think I can succeed when I actually put in a real effort. I just wasn’t actually sure I could pull that off for an entire semester. I’ve had issues living alone before, in that sometimes I turn into a reclusive hermit who subsisted off of alcohol and fast food, and I’ve just had issues in Alabama. My last time being here for an extended period led to a rush of dark feelings returning to me and taking me back to a very depressed state. All in all, I was nervous when I returned. That should be obvious based off what I just said though. I wanted to do well, I thought I could do well, but that’s about the extent of what I thought I could do. I didn’t think I could do the best I’d ever done. Yes, I realize I wasn’t taking the hardest classes out there, that I was taking some freshman classes, and yet I took classes with 200s and 300s too! I don’t even care if they were a class for freshman kids, freshman Hank didn’t get all As. Sophomore Hank didn’t get all As. Junior Hank never did. This guy did though, this who knows what grade I’m in Hank got all As for the first time in his college career. Okay, okay, that’s a lie. 4 A+s and an A-. I think that’s close enough to all As, that minus isn’t there in my heart. I just know that I am proud of myself. Which I need to be, which I should be. I came back to Alabama hoping I could graduate by the end of 2017 with a degree. After one semester, that is entirely possible and that is the goal I am working towards. A goal that I have a much more renewed sense of confidence in because I know I can do well, and now I know I can actually excel. I may have doubted myself before and I think had good reason behind those doubts. Now though, I am gonna try my best to put those doubts behind myself. Because future Hank told me I have millions of fans in the future so I must be doing something right. To be fair though, I guess I do have to keep this blog more updated to start amassing my legion of Hank somethings. I think possibly I did name people who were my diehard fans in a blog post long ago but I’ve since forgotten it. That’s a shame. Either way, I’m excited to start summer school tomorrow. As excited as one can get to take a class called “Old Age”. It has another title but it’s really just about old people. Oh and biology, I’m taking that again for the second time. Hopefully that goes better this time around. I’m just an intellectual now, what can I say? Take it or leave it, I’m a genius. Future Hank confirmed it. So it goes.


One thought on “4.19

  1. I’ve been a Hank fan for 26 years and I plan to continue for many many more. Keep up the good work and if Biology lab includes dissecting a dead rat, get you lab partner to do it and watch from afar. That’s what I did and I passed the class maybe not with an A but probably a B. To get an A I think you had to have a complete understanding of the Kreb’s Cycle. Even though that was my downfall I still remember that it has to do with how amino acids are processed in humans and I took Biology 49 years ago. Good luck and if you need any help with your Old Age class, just give me a call. I’m learning all about that first hand.


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