It’s around two months and four days since I had my twenty sixth birthday and I planned on writing this blog post. I could say that things came up and maybe they even did, but I can’t say enough came up where I couldn’t spare twenty minutes or so to write a post. The only reason I wanted to write a post in the first place was just to see what happened in a year time since I ended up turning 25 in northern Africa, in the heart of Arabia, during Ramadan. When I turned 26, I went to an Applebee’s. At least I was able to eat before sunset, gotta try and look at the bright side of life. The thing is, has that much changed in the past year that I haven’t already chronicled? I returned home a changed man, or at the very least a man that had the desire to complete an education for once. We all know that I ended up back at Alabama and here I still reside. I do believe I posted a post about how great of a super genius I was in my first semester back and how I did the best I ever had in college. Then I went through the entirety of summer school and managed to get straight A’s in that regard as well. I wouldn’t say that anything entirely monumental occurred in the time between 25 and 26 but maybe that’s a good thing. I think it would be pretty hard to surpass being in Africa for the pivotal birthday of the 20s. And who am I kidding? Being back in school and pursuing that at a major university after years of being away from it is pretty monumental in and of itself. Plus, it’s not like I just returned to Alabama and completely shit the bed like I did in Alabama round 2 cerca 2012. Yeah, screw you inner self that’s saying that isn’t monumental. Maybe in the sense of mentioning being in Africa and going to the Sahara Desert and all of that stuff will sound more impressive and it sure makes you sound like a cooler dude except in the long run what’s happening in the year of 26 is probably going to be what I reap the most rewards from. Also realizing that while I was in the shower and thinking about what I would write for this that I didn’t utilize anything I was planning. Look at me now: a boy with multiple candles and a yoga mat! A boy that sits in his classes and is always thankful that we never get randomly asked our ages as I hear a girl say “You guys are so young, I’m ancient here at just turning 25.” I sit in class thankful for an older lady in one class so I can know I’m not the oldest one there even though she seems to have remarkable movement speeds that makes me consider she might have been an Olympic speed walker in a past life. I sit in a closet and type this out and realize how pale my skin is below my neck and wonder will I ever grow more than 9 chest hairs. Not entirely sure what I’m trying to say with the rest of these words that continue to exit my brain onto the page, I think I’m just starting to feel the urges to rant and ramble along because I realized that it’s been so long until I did. Is there anything you want to know? Yes, it is much harder to make friends in college when you’re not a very outgoing person in your mid twenties and you live off campus and you don’t even know if you know the youth’s lingo. Yes, the desire to eat healthily each and every night is one that is found rarely in most humans (I’d like to assume) and forcing yourself to do is quite a challenge. Yes, sometimes I think what if I had a hedgehog and are there spines actually sharp as well or does that apply only to the porcupines. I want to say I’ll write more posts, I just know I’ve said that before and it’s been over two months since I last did. I know that a peek into my life isn’t a very interesting affair to just about anyone but it does give me some pleasure to just put words onto the electronic page. Could I type more? Yeah, I probably could. I go into these with a set idea or topic typically and by the end I feel I’ve diverted my attention so far from it that I don’t even know where I am and yet I can’t seem to stop myself. Except I’m going to stop myself now. Mainly because I have to pee really bad and I don’t want to go into my pants. Because then I’d have to write another blog post about the peeing myself experience and I’d be sitting in my stale urine while doing so. That’s disgusting and no one wants that and I’m not hardcore enough to purposefully go in my pants in order to entertain one person and disgust the few others who even will read this. I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I’m going to make some food, you readers, or you reader, let’s not assume there are hundreds, or tens, or more than 5, you do fun stuff and enjoyable stuff and you tell me all about it. Because I’m just a guy that’s trying to get by and make something of himself. Oh crap, I’m so close to 1000 words but that darn need to pee is just too strong. I’m sorry. Maybe next time. So it goes.


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