Dear America,

You fucked up. You really fucked up. You helped elect a bigot, a sexist, a xenophobe, a racist, and a piece of shit. You helped elect a man that cost himself over 900 millions of dollars in bankruptcy and it wasn’t his first. You elected a man who’s second in command thought gay conversion therapy was the answer to homosexuals. You elected a man who got a record turnout from rural voters who finally had a politician that they could stand behind and support their white power ideals. The country elected a man who has no idea how to run a country, who has no involvement in politics in any significant manner, and who is known more for his economic failures than successes. Instead we have a man who’s known for insulting women, for insulting minorities, for insulting those with disabilities. Is that what we want for our country? I can understand the “American voter” wanting a change in our political system, even though for the most part we’ve been on an upward incline. Of course it makes sense to elect a man who’s never given any specific plan on how to change anything in America at all. A man who the majority thinks ran for political office with no real plans for actual policy. A man who offered a more moderate Republican Josh Kasich the most powerful Vice Presidency on the candidate because he has no fucking clue how to run the country.  I’m not excited for the next few years. I think we’ll literally set America back years. I’m glad I’m pursuing a major where Social Services are the main part of our funding and we’ll have a President who will maker sure to cut those services. I’m glad instead we’ll have a President who tries to cut taxes for the rich and instead screws over the lower classes even more. All I can hope is that this shitty Presidency leads to people coming out in droves for the 2018 and 2020 elections. It’s sad that we have to have such an idiot to inspire us but maybe it’ll work. If it does, then so be it. Instead we’ll have a Republican controlled Congress and Presidency led by a mad man so we’ll see where the country goes. I can’t imagine it goes anywhere positive, I truly do feel that we’ll look upon this years later as quite the blemish on America’s history. So it goes.


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