America in 2076

Disclaimer: This is an extra credit essay I wrote for one of my Social Work classes about how the current political climate could affect political policies primarily in regards to social welfare sixty years into the future and how I might tell my grandchildren of how it used to be and then was changed. For what it’s worth the teacher said, “I love this!”

“Children, come around and let me tell you a story. A tale of the times of old, back when we used to respect our government, back before we had King Dictator Trump in his 17th consecutive term. Let me tell you of my time of being a boy in his mid-twenties back in college pretending to blend in with all the teenagers surrounding him. A time when your old Grandpa thought he would see the first woman president in this history of this country, even if she did have her flaws. This was a time when your old grandpa could roam around the world free, and wasn’t confined in this cage where I’m only allowed out for Thanksgiving dinner once a year for my libelous words towards Emperor Trump. I know kids that you don’t know any different. That you think it’s completely normal to recite the new Pledge every morning, that your schools are entirely segregated by a myriad of factors, that Hail Trump is just normal pejorative in your mouths. But let me tell you, let me tell you of the good old days when we had things like Planned Parenthood that helped women back before all the women were sent underground and the men in suits reign above. There were programs to help people with injuries before the mass deportations of the immigrants and the disabled that we have now. Back then we were only in the beginning of a militarized police state; however, it was nothing at all close to the watch towers on every block and the constant presence of automatic weapons that are wagged at your face if you stare too long. Children, I want you to remember this because your own grandfather here dealt with his own mental illnesses back when there were medications and therapies to treat you compared to the alligator filled swamps that those afflicted with disease are thrown. To be fair, we couldn’t just eat a pill and it completely fill our tummies while also giving the flavors of an entire turkey dinner so you have that going for you. My dear grandsons, I implore you to join the resistance. I know you are young children, but your damn sisters are living in enslavement down below the earth. There is a man you must find. His name is Bernie Sanders the Fifth. He is spearheading the start of a resistance movement, he is starting to create actual negotiations with the Duke of the Robots. There is hope for the first time in our lives. I am old and decrepit, but there is a chance for you to experience a better future. It’s only 2076, maybe it’s time for a female leader after all. Maybe it’s time for anything different, just know it’s time for a change. Run children, listen to your grandfather, there isn’t much time. Hopefully when I’m released from my cage in another three hundred sixty -five days from now, I’ll get to see sunlight for the first time in years. Oh, who am I kidding? Even if the resistance succeeds we wouldn’t have fixed all the pollution issues by then. Regardless children, do this for me. Do this for grandpa, let us make America great again!” So it goes.


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