My entire last blog was about how I write posts and then they end up magically deleted. It’s usually not because of magic, it’s more because I hit the wrong button. You know how many times I’ve tried to post this? Four times now. Do I even care if this has any relevant or topical information? Hell no. I just want to make sure I get it posted. Did I have greats full of hilarious commentary and excellent analysis? You bet your tooty kabootie I did. That’s all gone now. That’s all gone. You take what you get. I’m just tired of seeing my ode to Patty on the front page. I just wanted something to replace it. Maybe this isn’t the peak of my ability but it’s better than just blank space (shout out to my girl, Taylor Swift). Take it or leave it. I just wanted to see some semblance of an update. Here it is. It gets better. I’ll post eloquent new stuff don’t you worry. It’ll surpass all that I’ve done so far. Is that true? Who cares. I’m living in the now baby! I’m living in the now. The spectacular now. So it goes.


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