Words of Wisdom.

I said I wasn’t going to blog about sports anymore. That’s probably not true. I have months left to go. However, another night out, another team I supported biting the dust. Sorry Colts, you tried your best. Actually, if that was your best then your best was pretty damn bad. Who cares? There’s a reason college football is the best sport anyway. You know who did win though yesterday? America. The World. Humanity. Shout out to Nana Hank! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to give you a phone call and wish you a happy birthday on your exact day but not everyone gets a specific blog shout out. 90 frickin’ 2 years old!

Onto new things though that aren’t strictly Patty related or related to my inability to even post a coherent though, we did get some new people this weekend. You know you’ve been in a country for quite some time when you finally new members of an arriving group are the same people that you’re going to be leaving with. All I wanted was one person to be here for at least three weeks and I lucked out with two. I shouldn’t say lucked out. We’ll see if I lucked out. Oh no, that sounds pessimistic. But one of them did say that they hated show tunes. An impossible sentence to ever utter if you ask me. The point is that I’m starting to be able to see the finish line in Peru and that’s just a crazy thought. Three weeks is still a long time but the end point is in sight. Now just gotta hold my head close to the ground and finish it up. No. No. I’m not looking forward to the end. The end of Peru is just the beginning of the journey anyway. Gotta love nice, vague comments like that that don’t say much at all.

Just while I’m on this home run stretch, I’m going to try to be more active in actually talking about what I’m doing here. Or talking in general. Patty needed that ode, it’s true but it doesn’t really convey much of what’s going on here. One inside joke does not a blog make. I’ll be the first to admit that I also have no idea if that last sentence makes any sense. I’ll also be the first and second to admit that this blog is actually just maybe more words than what I’ve been used to writing but not actually coherent thoughts. Which is fine. So stop complaining, ya dingus. I write how I think. In a long, rambling, stream of consciousness that might not make a bunch of sense but neither did James Joyce and look how well he’s regarded nowadays. I am James Joyce. Junior. This is coming from a guy who gave up on Ulysses.

The moral of the story is this, I got new people, I got new people at my volunteer placement, I’m in my final stretch, and I’m going to visit Arequipa this weekend. I’m going to see the Colca Canyon. I’m going to see some condors. I’m going to go on a four day adventure by myself and hope I can make out what I’m doing. I’m going to take a lot of pictures. I’m going to write a lot of stuff. And it’s going to be posted eventually. Trust in me, dear readers. I’ll keep you entertained.

I planned on writing more than what I just wrote. I can’t help that when I was writing this, I found out that two of my good friends from Alabama passed away in a car accident this past week. I had seen statuses on Facebook about the whereabouts of one of the guys but I thought it had just been a joke. Apparently, they both died at the result of a drunk driving accident just a few days ago. One of them was basically a room mate of mine for an entire semester of college. Sure, technically he was “homeless” and lived in my dorm room on the downlow but that’s crazy. I wanted to say something else but I don’t even know what to say. I last saw the both of them at one of my good friend’s weddings this past May. They were always crazy, they did love to party, but they were some pretty damn good men. They were good friends. They were good people. They’re going to be missed and I’m sending condolences to their family and all those impacted by their loss. I’m gonna miss those guys. I wish I had seen ya sooner Matt and JT. Shit. That’s rough. So it goes.


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