Justyn is out for revenge.

I was wrong about Justyn. For instance, why isn’t it Justin? Costa Ricans are weird. I thought I instilled the fear of white god (me) into him. Maybe I did. If so, it was only temporarily. He’s back in full force. His force is stronger than I thought. He is the Darth Vader to my Luke. If you think about that too long it totally means he’s stronger from the get go and I have to try to usurp him which isn’t true in the slightest since I’m so much tougher than him now and forever more but I’m going with it because I don’t want to be the evil guy. What I’m trying to say is that today he punched me square in the nuts. Repeatedly. He even hired goons, henchman to assist. I’m also not talking just straight on punching either. He went behind me, and uppercutted me through the legs. What a cheap shot. Didn’t even see it coming. Then if I fall to the ground in peril and distress, he just ends up climbing on top of me to assert his dominance. Sure, I lifted him up with one hand straight from the crotch region but that didn’t do anything to him. He enjoyed it. He thought he was flying. I see your game, Justyn. You might have won today but this war is just starting. Back to the drawing board I must go. So it goes.


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