A slow descent into madness.

Cherish these blog posts while you can. While my mind is still fresh. While my thoughts are still clear. It takes 21 days to start a habit. Does that apply in reverse? 21 days to suffer from incorrigible madness? Ding, Ding, Dong. The problem is that the Tia seemingly only has one CD and the young children seem to always be clamoring for music. They’re young. They don’t care that it’s the same sixty six minutes over and over and over again. I might not care either if it was something different. Speaking of something different, we attempted to play something different only to have a child scream because the lyrics weren’t in Spanish. I can’t blame her, I wouldn’t want a giant stranger playing gibberish for my precious ears either. It would be  bit easier, perhaps, if the songs were, ya know, better. Starts off with bang! Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. Sure, it’s all in Spanish but that doesn’t cheapen the majesty of the song at hand. Why it doesn’t continue with a string of Spanish Disney songs is a question I’ve pondered in my head for quite a while. Akhdakhdooajadbahkwuadvadh. There’s a small possibility that I have a CD full of random Peruvian music somewhere in my luggage though I’m not convinced that would do much better for my sanity. What are those random non sequiturs you’re throwing in your blog post you ask? The one’s like “Dong…Ding…(you get it)” and the “gibberish.” Those are titles of the songs. Or what I can only imagine the titles of the songs are. At the very least, those are the only sounds you hear in the songs. There are other songs. I have no idea what they even entail and yet they still haunt my dreams. I’m happy for my fellow volunteer, I really am. She’s getting out. She’s getting out before it’s too late. On a tad more serious note, it is started to get even better working at this day care. We’re communicating better or at the very least I’ve convinced myself that we’re communicating better. The kids seem to be a little less rowdy but that really does seem to vary from day to day. There is no set routine but we seem to make it through the day with more structure and substance than we initially started off with. It’s going good. I’m going to really enjoy these last few days because it seems entirely plausible that I’ll be there alone for the next two weeks. The idea of ten children doesn’t seem that daunting in theory, but in practice, knowing that you’re only in a small room or two it becomes a little more frightening. I’m looking forward to it! Or I’m at least somewhat excited because I’m still naive enough in my ignorance to think it could be a good time. Finally, moving from a more serious note to a lighter note (or something like that), I actually joined a gym. I told myself I would do that in Peru and nine weeks seem to fly by without me really doing all that much effort in that department. In Costa Rica though I accomplished it before week two was even over. Plus it’s only Tuesday and I’ve already gone twice this week. Progress people. Those rice and beans aren’t gonna work themselves off. So it goes.


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