Happy Costa Rican Birthday Sarah!

Oh what a day. What a last day we had. I never truly understand what the Tia knows or doesn’t know and I think she feels the same way about me. She seems to have long talks with me in Spanish, or at least long commands which I always respond to by nodding, saying Si, and walking away to try to do something. It’s gotten so that I do that so often and apparently pull it off so well that she brings in me to translate things for the other volunteer. That’s not the point though! I already commented on the “Fake it till you make it” attitude. That’s old new sisters. Side note: I know I’ve referred to my quote on quote many readers as “Constant Readers” before but I stole that from Stephen King. Not sure if sisters is the best thing to call people though either. C’mon and enjoy this blog my fellow nuns. Not the best ring to it. Oof, there I go getting distracted again. Back to the task at hand. Sarah’s birthday. Dear Sarah, the twenty six year old southern belle from North Carolina does not have a birthday in February. As far as I know. I trust her as far as I can throw her. But since I’ve been going to the gym again we all know that that is pretty dang far. The Tia does seem to have a close relationship with a baker at least. I say this by comparing to state of her house to the assortment of breads and pastries that she seems to wrangle up every single day. On the final day we seemed to find some new evidence regarding the situation in that she may take care of the baker lady’s child? I can’t say for certain but a random did woman did seemingly make four cakes appear out of a suitcase that she just happened to have. I could understand the Tia preparing a cake for the departure of one of us volunteers. I say that because I think we’re amazing and awesome and we do everything and we’re great. That Tia could (and probably) thinks differently but since I’ll never know because I won’t be able to understand her complaints so I’ll think what I want to think. Sarah though! It was her birthday after all. At first, I, nay, we both think that maybe she just happened to get these cakes because it was her last day. That maybe it saying Feliz Cumpleaños was just because it was a good deal. I thought that maybe the kids singing Happy Birthday was just a coincidence because they read the scrawl on the cake and figured, maybe it is a birthday. When the candle came out though, I knew welp, I guess they really do think it’s her birthday. She actually had multiple songs sung for her. She blew out a candle, she made a wish, she got the biggest piece of cake. This random treatment occurred just a week after the girl was thinking that the Tia completely hated her for lack of Spanish vocabulary and felt like she was being singled out because of it. The Tia only knows love. Or she caved knowing that this girl wasn’t going to master Spanish in two weeks. Either way, it’s always nice to leave a placement knowing you got to experience a birthday and get a quarter of a cake to take home with you. The Tia is all love. So much love that she’ll throw a kid out of a photo so I can get into a shot. She has a son there, she has a husband, she could even get out of the photo herself to take the photo but no. She is the Tia. She is in all the photos. From the beginning when they clashed (I’m inserting drama for drama’s sake) to the end when she gave Sarah her Facebook name. The Tia and Sarah have come a long way. You might say they’re best friends now. I wouldn’t argue with that conclusion. So it goes.


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