Justyn is merely a pawn.

In the war against me. My fellow volunteer, Sarah, leaves tomorrow. What’s next? Possibly totally anarchy unless I get a handle on things. A pawn may be too much of an understatement. We’ll say that he’s the Starscream to Shinyang’s Megatron. I should mention that I am making this reference with a very limited knowledge of the 80’s cartoon Transformers: Robots in Disguise but I’ve convinced myself that the comparison is spot on. Except I think there have been times in the cartoon where Starscream switched sides and helped the Autobots…except he could have been a double agent sent to infiltrate the good guys from the inside out and destroy me altogether. Man. Now I regret saving his life today. Did I mention I saved his life today? I saved his life today. Either way, it’s a fun environment to be in. It’s crazy kids doing crazy things and then from time to time showing true heartwarming character followed by them throwing a plastic block at your eye, which you think should not hurt as much as it actually does, and then you cowering in fear until it eventually ends and you realize that you could destroy them if you wanted to but who would do that since you’re not a complete monster and you just gotta do your best to eradicate their bad behavior and turn them into amazing children that they have the potential to be. That’s all. Did I mention saving a life though? Oh. Just the typical boys fighting on top of a table that they climbed on which is like about 75% as high off the ground as they are tall. It probably should have been my responsibility to not let kids fight on top of a table but when they were trying to learn English words on a poster that my fellow volunteer meticulously handcrafted so I let them jump up and down. On a table. A couple of feet off the ground. While they are four years old and tiny. Somehow the jumping turned to brawling and Shinyang proceeded to push Justyn off the table. This wasn’t some weak, lame push either. This was some next level artistry. In my mind Justyn went completely horizontal which at the very least was the position in which I caught him. I caught him with about two inches to spare of his tiny head from smashing onto the linoleum floor. I didn’t specifically calculate it to be the most dramatic catch with the least amount of leeway for error. That’s just how it ended up. How did Justin thank me? By whipping me with random stuffed animals and throwing various objects at my face not even ten minutes later. During that ten minutes though, I feel there was a connection. He saw that there’s a world where he isn’t second fiddle and all arguments aren’t solved with physical violence. He saw greener pastures. At the very least I planted a seed of discontent into his brain. His malleable brain. We’ll see what comes about it in these coming weeks when I’m going to be there seemingly alone. Believe in me. I’ll need all the help I can get. So it goes.


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