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You may think I only post a couple of these blog posts a week and you’d be right in thinking that because that’s how it typically goes down but but it doesn’t mean that my thoughts aren’t always constantly revolved around posting amazing words of wisdom for all of my five readers to adhere to. The reason why I don’t post as many blog posts as I should? There’s no real reason other than me saying I should do that and then doing something else and then realizing I need to go to sleep. That’s really what it comes down to. So I figured I’d just try to sum up some things real quick about the week and the coming week and whatever questions you have in this week’s mailbag. A mailbag that is completely hypothetical and can not exist anyway because no one sent in questions. Because why would you, because that wouldn’t make sense. As I did mention before (I think) it has been a bit harder running the whole shabang with just me as the sole volunteer though it seems to be going pretty well. The kids are more often than not good kids and when they do things to aggravate me into a silent rage then I just deal with it and count my blessings that I don’t have to deal with that type of behavior all day. Justyn still goes from evil enemy to good hearted friend at the bat of an eye, trying to stab me with pencils, pouring glue down my pants, pouring glue on my pants, breathing on my face after telling me he’s sick, and running and jumping where he seems to land right on my groin but there’s good in there too. I’m not sure where the good is exactly but since we haven’t come to blows yet I guess he’s doing alright. The Tia has seemingly turned into the witch from Hansel and Gretel trying to fatten me up to ultimately eat me. As the departure of Sarah settled, the Tia seems to be doling out twice the amount of food than before and doesn’t seem to take no for an answer when I try to reject her countless offers. I also have no idea where she gets this food for the kid because multiple times this week we had cinnamon buns and a baker’s version of pizza. Not entirely sure how good her oven is for the purposes of roasting an adult man but I’m not entirely sure I want to find out. With only one more week there, I will do my best to avoid death by mastication.

In other news, I did get to go to visit with students taking or rather finishing a year long English course and as part of their final exam, or maybe a reward for their final exam they brought us in so they could actually practice speaking English out loud with native speakers. Let me tell ya, I’m probably not the most outgoing person you’ll ever meet and throwing me right into the fray with a group of people and having to talk to them for an hour off the top of my head isn’t my strongest suit. It was a real good time though. Some speakers were better than the others but all in all they did definitely put my Spanish to shame. The more and more people I meet on these adventures the more ignorant I do feel with having a basic grasp of Spanish and that’s it after knowing English. Everyone I’ve met from Europe has been at least bilingual and even the fellow I roomed with temporarily in Lake Titicaca, who was from China, knew five languages. Five! I definitely do have a desire to learn more Spanish and no matter what happens when I return, I do want to make continuing to learn more languages a priority just because it seems so valuable in the world. So many connections you can make, and I’m potentially missing out on because I don’t have a perfect grasp on another language.

I don’t mean to end this post on a sad note except that it appears I will have to. I’m the only well and able bodied person in this home base anymore. I say that because one woman is leaving early tomorrow morning so I can’t  count her. All I’m trying to say is that, with the exception of her, I appear to be the only person who is not sick. I’m not sure why entirely but I’ve been abroad for three months now and I’ve seemed to come off relatively scott free. Which is good. I hope to keep it that way. We did have a weekend trip planned that was ultimately canceled and that’s too bad. It’s more too bad for those two girls though. I’m here for five more weeks, they are here for one and two more respectively. It sucks when something that you can’t control gets the better of you and makes you have to rearrange things but you can’t really plan for that. It just happens. I hope they feel better, I hope I continue to feel good and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have some fun this weekend anywhoo. So it goes.


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