This post brought to you by Band-Aid.

I may not know what I’m doing once I return to the states but these trips are telling me things I shouldn’t do when I’m back. A professional rappelling instructor probably is something I’ll choose to forego. I am glad though that my volunteer sisters have recovered. Oh crap, I forgot I was calling my dear readers sisters now. Either way, we didn’t get to do our original vacation plan because of their illnesses and today I thought it wouldn’t be much better. Since I woke up knowing it was cold and raining and I was thinking for my own well being that maybe I should skip out on going out today.  I did not. I’m glad I did not. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back in these countries again so I figure I might as well do the most of what they have to offer. If that’s ziplining through the rainforest, traversing hanging bridges, and rappelling down waterfalls then sign me up. A few scrapes and bruises aren’t going to turn me off from the thrill. Especially since I have the bruises and cuts after the fact and I didn’t know that I was going to get them going into today. I actually didn’t know I was going to be smoothly, without a single fault, maneuvering down multiple waterfalls either. If someone was to slander me with libel then they could say that I bashed my knees into rocks multiple times, slipped and fell multiple times, and was pelted with very strong, rapid water right into the crotch multiple times but they’d be liars and thieves. I don’t associate with liars and thieves. Really though, today was just a cool adventure into the rainforest and I’m especially glad we did get to do something since it is one of the girl’s last weekends (this will be her 9th week) and who would want to spend that stuck at the home base the entire time because you’re ill? Nobody that’s who! Or nobody I want to meet at least. She may have looked like she was going to turn into a human ice cube but she survived. We all did. We all got cold. We all made it though. None of us looked entirely exception, but hats off to Hannah because she definitely looked better than the rest. And blonder than the rest. Because fun fact, she’s the only blonde person that’s been spotted in Costa Rica thus far. I’ll make sure to keep everyone completely updated on the blonde count, don’t you worry. Other than that, it was still a nice relaxing weekend which I think was good and needed especially because of all the hecticness that we’ll be enveloped by next week. I know I keep mentioning the slew of new people coming in but it’s close. It’s happening. I’ve enjoyed a room to myself for the past two weeks and soon to be three and that reality is going to be crashing down on me. I never had a problem in the showers. I never had to wait in line for the toilet. Things are a changin’. So it goes.


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