2 more days of Tia.

My time with Tia is finally coming to a conclusion. Which is probably for the best after it seems like she’s finally catching on that I don’t know as much Spanish as she originally though. I can’t say that for sure or not but she never pointed to something on a piece of paper that had both Spanish and English words on it until recently. I think when she asked me about something I was wearing and I attempted horribly to try to explain it that she might have gotten some new insights. Still, we’re doing good her and I, we’re doing real good. The kids too. They obviously love me. Nothing scream loves more than saying goodbye to them and having them all chant in unison about how ugly I am. It warms my heart. It warms my heart even more to know that they call each other ugly all the time as well so maybe they just consider me on their level. Or they truly think I’m ugly. Hopefully they’ll get more attractive volunteers with the next batch. Speaking of the next batch, I did find out that all eighteen of the new volunteers will stem from Hoosier (Indiana) University. Which means that there’s a chance that I could be the oldest person here out of twenty people. Sure, I’m already the oldest person right now but there are only two other girls here! Most likely they won’t think my two or three age difference over them shouldn’t result in me being exalted and considered their king but a boy can dream. It more just means that I’ll have to actually organize my room in which I’m not using three beds in order to house my belongings because it’s easier that way then keeping them all sorted in an organized fashion. Other than that, all’s been pretty quiet on the home front. Sunday, the new arrivals come. Friday, a girl who’s been here for nine weeks leaves. Saturday, a day of complete and total peace before the inevitable chaos of the following day. It’s really just been a pretty tranquil place. We’re having fun but it’s easy going. I keep writing about the new people because it’s just going to be so sudden of a change and it’s a hot topic of discussion of how much is going to change with their arrival. It’s exciting. It’s petryifying. It should all work out though. What I’m trying to say is don’t expect too much excitement from my end until the upcoming week because I’m sure it’ll be in a hearty supply then. I’ll make sure to comment on my first four weeks on Friday or Saturday but I’ll keep it light. I’m preparing myself for the coming storm. A happy storm. So it goes.


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