A volcano erupted.

That’s really all I wanted to say. I guess it happened yesterday? I should probably know because I’m pretty sure it happened in our area. I should probably know that too. Regardless, all the ash and stuff floated into San Jose which seems to be the norm. Everyone’s fine. Here and in the country. It’s just lots of ash. Which I did not believe would burn the eyes or even get in the eyes near as much as they said it would when we visited San Jose today but I was proved wrong. It did. It also canceled all the flights in the airport for about half the day today. I only mention this because one of the girls here is planning on leaving tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping she has safe travels. Just wanted to notify everyone that I was fine though in case anyone worried. Seeing as how I didn’t know about a volcano that happened and I’m close to it probably means that people in the United States don’t know a volcano erupted in Costa Rica. But if you did. And if you were worried, know there is nothing to fear. I’m still here. Still here who will be coming at ya with a big blog post tomorrow or Saturday reflecting on my past four weeks with Tia. Along with the epic conclusion to the Justyn saga. It might not actually be that epic. It seems like we’re becoming buddies. Which means I won. Because I broke him. I am the king. So it goes.


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