I already apologize for the last blog.

Here at Hank Wolf Industries, we hold ourselves to a high standard. That standard? (Because there is only one.) To not be boring. I already feel that that last blog was too boring. I said sometimes I write just because I want to write and that’s true, but what’s also true is that this blog isn’t held to a certain style, a certain template, a certain topic, it can be about literally anything. This is for me to both illustrate what I’m doing on this trip and let my creative juices flow. Nothing flowed in that last blog. A slight trickle at best, maybe an ooze. My goal is to offer an exploding dam every time I write something. A tsunami. A nonfatal tsunami. It might cause billions of dollars in structural damage but everyone is going to survive and they’re going to be like “Wow, what a great tsunami.” I apologize to any and all of my Asian readers who are having traumatic flashbacks after reading those last couple of sentences. I just want you to know that we are not taking this situation lightly and we will be doing our best to make sure this problem never happens again. We are problem solvers. Not problem makers. Please forgive us and know that your best interests are our goal and our priority. Exciting blogs are coming. Just you wait. So it goes.


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