Una Semana Mas

I can’t believe it’s already been seven weeks in Costa Rica. I felt like just yesterday I was arriving here and thinking that I would never feel comfortable here because I’d become so used to Peru. Now I’m so used to Costa Rica and the idea of going to freaking Africa of all places in two weeks is quite astounding to me. Sure, I guess Spain will be sandwiched in there as well but that’ll just be such a week of debauchery and fun that I don’t even care to mention it. Because I’m about changing the world, not eating delicious food and imbibing tasty cocktails. I mean, I’m all about that too but I don’t need to write a blog about that to make it sound appealing. Although, I probably don’t need to write a blog to make traveling abroad and helping people sound appealing either. Happy Easter too! I’ll just throw that in there so if I ever read this back one day I’ll at least know what month I’m in when I was writing this. I’ll also just throw in many more random lines because sometimes I just write this just to write it. I don’t have that many interesting things to say right now, I just feel I had a pretty complete day and this would be the cherry on top of it all. I just want to write to write and just put ideas onto paper because if I get out of the habit of it, you’ll see fewer and fewer posts and I know all my dearest readers couldn’t handle that. It’s true that I have a week left. It’s true that tomorrow I start my final week volunteering alone all over again. It’s true that the Earth isn’t flat and it’s true that the universe is expanding. Do you need to know more facts? I’m here to lay ’em on ya. I don’t want to reminisce to much on Costa Rica just yet because I still have a few days left and I know I’ll write a long blog post about that later anyway. Instead I’m just going to enjoy my last week here, I’m going to impart my gringo mark on the country and I’m gonna hit the gym up as many times as humanly possible so I can get started from the get go in Morocco. At the very least, I’ll bench press a camel or something. Eh, I might as well also try to make some headway on some of the thoughts I alluded to on the “I feel good” blog and try to be more proactive because time is running out. Tomorrow I hit four months abroad. Sure, I’m probably staying somewhere for the next three months or so but I’m over the halfway point. I’m over the hump. That’s crazy. Just yesterday, I was…no. That is a lie. I can’t even say I remember a world where I can walk somewhere and everyone will speak English. That idea is just so foreign to me right now. Welp, I better make sure to enjoy my last two weeks of Spanish speaking then. Soon I’ll be even more lost than I ever was before. Good grief. So it goes.


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