A traumatic incident.


I don’t know entirely how graphic the content below will actually be but I could find it being gross to some people so I figured I’d just say that so I can’t be blamed for it later. Is that how it works? I can’t go to court now right? I have no idea why anyone would take me to court anyway, everyone who reads this is beloved to me. Anyways, upon asking a faithful reader if I had mentioned bugs in one of the kid’s mouth they told me I had not. Which is a shame because I had a whole anecdote about myself related or at least relatable to what I saw/see at the placement. I need to just stick with one word and stick to it instead of giving very similar options in the same sentence. I do not want to harp criticism about the cleanliness of the placement of which I am working. At the very least, they are constantly cleaning, the children are bathed once a day, and they do the best they can to create a sterile environment. However, just because the children are washed doesn’t mean they can control all the problems the children have, such as for instance rotten or rotting teeth. It’s almost better to just ignore the mouths of the kids at the placement because it is not a pretty sight. Either you’ll see many missing teeth or you’ll see teeth that are brown or black or some color that should never be associated with normal human teeth. I’m not entirely sure what dental procedures are done there but I’m sure that there isn’t anything more complex than simply brushing their teeth. So if they start to rot, they will continue to rot, and I’d be very surprised if they are being given any form of dental care to help reverse or even stop that process. Sufjan is the worst though. He’s a boy completely prone, in a deformed position, with no speech skills, and I’m not sure what’s going on inside his brain. I push him around though because he seems to get ignored a little more, due to him just laying in a wheelchair and being a magnet for flies. See, I know they are washed daily but it doesn’t seem to deter flies from being attracted to them anyway. Normally when walking, you’ll see a couple flies just land on their arms, their legs, their hair, etc. and I do my best to shoo them away. With Sufjan, they like his mouth. And not just one or two, but say like five or six, just like to land inside and around his mouth, chilling out on teeth and just doing fly things. Which admittedly, I’m a little grossed out by. And some people might not think I’m grossed out by many things because I’ve shown from time to time to be a relatively gross person. Which then brings me to my own personal anecdote. A few years ago, going Jeeping (or just off-roading) in the Ocala forest with my father and Brother Shade, I remember pulling over and taking a pee break. During our adventures, we’re always dealing with constant and bugs and random wildlife and graves and hunters set to kill us but this time was different. This time was different because they usually left my penis alone. Not saying a hunter shot off my penis, I’m more just saying I remember dropping trough and I was immediately attacked by wild ladybugs. Ladybugs, those cute little insects with their spotted red backs, bugs that you look at and smile. I did not smile. And I even like ladybugs. Or I did. Until tens of them attached themselves to my penis while I was peeing. I would say hundreds but there’s only so many bugs you can fit  down there. It didn’t matter if I shooed them away because they came back and continued to crawl around on me. Which is terrifying, which was terrifying. I do not like seeing bugs crawl around on on things that are not natural. I don’t particularly enjoy having a bug crawl over my arm, or my face but it’s tolerable. I am not a fan of things crawling around on things rarely exposed to the world or mouths. I figured mouths should get their own category because they’re always exposed but we don’t assume we’ll have bugs crawling around our oral cavities. That’s another reason why I’m about ready to move onto another placement. There’s only so much you can take. One more week though. With new volunteers for this week, either way, it’s still a good place, it just takes its toll. So it goes.


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