A message to my parents.

I imagine with a title like this everyone thinks I’ll shower them with praise and tell them how grateful I am for birthing me and raising me to as close of a male model as they could muster. I’ve heaped on quite a bit of praise of them already and if I haven’t heaped enough, I imagine that’ll be a theme of a future blog post or two. But no. This is more important than that. Because this is about me. About my future. And when you’re a cool dude like I am, then you need a cool ride. This post is just a reminder to them that they have my full approval to do whatever they want with the Toyota Camry. If they want to donate it to a good cause like a children’s hospital then feel free. Could it become a makeshift ambulance? I’d like to think so. Can it be turned into a submarine? Of course it can, the Japanese are ingenious people. I’ve made comments about my relocating to some new place once I return home (eventually, not immediately, friends and family who are worrying that they won’t even have a chance to see me). Do I know where I’m going? Of course I don’t know where I’m going. What I do know? Camry’s are big. They’re practically the Ford Excursion of the sedans. What would be better than that? Who knows? Something smaller. Something all terrain. Something that could weather the trails no matter where I end up. This isn’t an order. This is just a suggestion. This is just a reminder. This is just a reminder that I’m okay with doing anything with the Camry that ends up it not existing when I return to Florida. If it’s there, I’ll also accept that. With tears. With hot, streaming tears. Maybe a grimace or two as well. The moral of the story though. Obviously, it’s thank gosh for Bob and Katie and enjoy the rest of May, my blog fam. So it goes.


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