Sports Suck and are Stupid Vol. 2

I need to just stop cheering for teams. I cheer for a team and that team loses. I cheer for a team and that team builds up an insurmountable lead and then gets surmounted. I don’t watch nor particularly care about baseball, but I just wanted those darn Cleveland Indians to win. Nope, nope, nope. A 3-1 lead? Choke. I despise the New England Patriots even if they’re the closest thing to the Alabama of the NFL. The Falcons have a 25 point lead? Choke. I think I wrote the first blog around sports right around the time when I started the blog itself and I got to see Oregon fail against Auburn. Or someone lost. Maybe it was when Ohio State beat Alabama. All I know is that I love sports, I love the togetherness and unity it can provide, but sometimes the misery from losses makes you forget about all the good times. Or sometimes when you go to Tampa to watch the National Championship game in person and you have a quarterback who can’t pass the ball and an OC who’s refusing to run the ball at the end of the game that you just feel defeated. Last night I was defeated. I was defeated much more intensely with the loss of Alabama, but defeat is defeat. Oh yeah, it doesn’t help when your NBA team you follow is gosh darn terrible either! All I know is that one day Bill Belichick (yes, I know this is spelled wrong and I do not care) will retire and parity will return to football. The same could be said about once Nick Saban retires with college football. It’s just how about a win for 2017 guys? Let not the Golden State Warriors win a championship because they had one of the biggest babies (obviously Kevin Durant) join their team because he quit on his own team. Let us just have that. Alabama, maybe you can manage to get in the NCAA tournament and get promptly defeated but it would be something. Hey gymnastic girls, why don’t you start being less of a #7 team and work on being the best? Do other sports exist? Let’s go Tiger Woods, win a golf game. Regardless of all this said, I’ll still root for a random NFL team or two next season and I’ll expect Alabama to go far with their top recruiting class and development of Jalen. That’s the thing with sports, they keep hurting you but you can’t stay away. So it goes.

P.S. I started to write a blog for the Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s student newspaper. You can find my blog and all the others at: Mine is the one by the guy named Hank, “Words from the Wise.” I’m not sure if it’ll be weekly or every other, just feel free to check it out.


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