Why do we care about sports?

I rooted for Oregon Ducks way back when when they played Auburn and Cam Newton. I rooted for Alabama and they did me well about 50% of the time. I rooted for the Colts. I rooted for the Chiefs. I rooted for the Saints. I don’t care if people say Nick Saban is just the college version of Bill Belicheck or however the spell you his stupid ass name. I wasn’t born in New England, I have never been a racist pasty person from Boston, I didn’t go to the University of Michigan and have some reverence for Tom Brady. No. The reason I don’t enjoy watching the NFL is because for at least 75% of my life, I’ve had to see Tom Brady and his drinking water will stop sunburn spouting ass get to the damn Super Bowl or the AFC championship forever. Does anyone enjoy Tom Brady? No. He promotes pseudo science and tomatoes or some other malarkey that makes no actual scientific sense. I hate the NFL. I hate Tom Brady. I hate having allegiances to teams when it all doesn’t matter in the long run because the Patriots will manage to screw up everything I hold dear to me anyway. I don’t care if you think Clemson vs Alabama V is bullshit or not. Because it sure is better than dealing with the Patriots and Tom Brady and Bill for the last 15 years. I guess let’s go LA Rams but as soon as they that, they’re going to lose as well. Who ever cares anymore? So it goes.


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