Why do we care about sports? Part 2

As I sit here, in another saddened stupor after another inexplicable Patriot’s win, I wonder why do people watch sports? I remember after the Patriots started the season 0-2, there was an article about how the Patriots would shake off their rusty start and win the Super Bowl. People laughed at the headline because it was obviously a joke and it couldn’t be true because that wouldn’t make any sense. There’s no way a quarterback closer to middle age than the prime of his athletic career could somehow lead to his team to another championship. His best receivers are what? One of the best tight ends ever that’s damaged into a heap of scraps, a tiny white slot receiver, a Josh Gordon that was cut for another drug misuse? And yet they did win. They always win. There was never any doubt they would win. I have no idea why I thought I should cheer for Sean McVay and his human pile of garbage QB, Goff. Don’t they have one of the most elite D-Lines in history and the Patriot’s O-Line doesn’t even have a player taken before the third round? Of course. And Tom Brady got sacked once or twice? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY YEAR? WHY DO WE THINK IT’LL BE DIFFERENT ANY YEAR? WHY DO WE GET OUR HOPES UP FOR THE BELICHECK DYNASTY TO END? DID I AT LEAST THINK THAT IF SABAN LOST THAT BILL COULD LOSE TOO? I JUST DON’T KNOW WHY I TRY ANYMORE. I’m tired of caring and being let down. Oh great, I can’t wait for the NBA Finals and for the Warriors to win again. Sports suck. Dynasties suck. Tom Brady and Bill and co suck the most even if they are some of the GOATs. Whatever. I can’t wait for next year to inevitably get my hopes up and crushed all over again. So it goes.


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