Big Apple Circus

At least I saw this show in 2019. I mean, it might’ve been almost a month ago but I still have some vague memories and recollections of it. Mainly whenever I go to any circus, I both have fleeting thoughts of “I could totally pull this off with a couple months training” followed by “Why did I ever consider this was in my realm of possibilities of pulling this off?”. It’s stressful at the circus. It’s stressful at the circus. Do you see that stress? I had to type it twice because of it. I’ll just speak in interest of full disclosure. When did I start writing this? Over a week ago? And it was like already a month after I saw the circus. Do I remember anything? Do I feel the need to hit a certain word count? Is there answer “yes” to both questions but it applies more towards on than the other? Am I writing random rhetorical questions in order to pad said word count? Am I wondering if there are still soup dumplings in the fridge back at my home?

So the circus…a magical arena. A magical arena that I thought was much bigger than it was so I bought more expensive tickets, even saying to my date “Oh, I think they’re going to expand this before the show starts” explicitly to make myself feel better about spending more money on the tickets. Instead, I realized it was a smaller, more intimate circus experience than I was used to, especially considering this was New York City, and a difference of 25$ each would’ve only put us about 20 feet further away. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a typical circus though. I do recall the Ringling Bros or Barnum and Bailey declaring bankruptcy and with that I thought the art of the circus died with them. Then there were all those comments about animal cruelty that could be related to forcing elephants and lions to entertain four year olds. Regardless, it did remind me why everyone loves the circus. It’s just a fun, delightful, light hearted romp that can both cater to the young ages and keep it entertaining for the adults who take care of them. Just so you know they apparently replaced lions and elephants with dogs and horses. I was a little disappointed overwall without a typical, stereotypical clown costume though we did have our customary clowning. I just think I like the idea of multiple clowns, a clowning family that can get together in their little car and it amuses me. Maybe I am the reason that circuses cater to the toddler audience because based off what I missed in the show, it definitely wasn’t some acrobatic theatrics, but just face painted men and women fitting into a tiny car.

What else happened at the circus that I saw over a month ago? Again, I remember extreme theatrics that I like to pretend that I could do while knowing no matter if I trained my entire life I would never be able to do anything similar. Why do I think I can balance anything, let alone while standing on a ladder without supports? Do I think I could trapeze and my body be 3% body fat while also being able to do a multitude of somersaults in a row? Again, I like to think I could while truthfully knowing I would have no potential ability to do that ever. Gosh, I think this is the closest thing I’ve done to a review that’s 50% rhetorical questions or more. I try to hit a certain word count even though it doesn’t really matter because it’s not like people are counting this.

Let’s finish with a focus on the circus. Trapeze artists are great. Dogs that can do tricks are great especially when you live with a dog who’s poop you’ve had to clean up off the floor. You know those super well trained dogs aren’t doing none of that. Are there other things I remember fondly? Oh yes, I did enjoy eating that cotton candy because who wouldn’t want to eat straight sugar? Gosh, I’m just doing more questions. This was a mistake waiting over a month to review this. It’s not even a theater show so I don’t even feel the need to particularly include this. I enjoyed the circus, I’m glad I went, I’d go again, go see circuses, go see theater, go see acrobats, go see clowns. Not my best review, but not everyone is a winner. So it goes.


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