Return of the Mack

There is an alternate reality where Mack Brown beats Clemson with a better two-point conversion call and in that reality, I’m working a full-time job where I’m excelling. Instead, I’m in the lackluster parallel universe where we may see good ol’ boy Dabo play for another championship, and I continue to find gainful employment. This also would’ve been a lot more relevant had I posted this around the time UNC failed to defeat their neighboring rivals. Except I didn’t have a rejection email from a job I had interviewed with and that time, and I didn’t have the urge to start writing something again because who’s not excited for another reboot?

I seem to come back and forth to this blog and I try to reinvent in a multitude of ways to keep myself interested in doing it, or rather to rationalize why I’m paying 20$ a year for this domain name. It’s not like I even grew tired of writing play reviews, I think it was more I wrote a couple on an internship email and never posted them and once they deleted my email account there; thus, losing those posts forever I gave up the idea of continuing with my play summaries. Or I just found that I continue to enjoy about 85% of the plays and musicals I see and others I just leave with such apathy that it doesn’t inspire me to write 760 words about it. So what am I rebooting this blog to now? I have no idea. I don’t want to write about the employment process or lack thereof because that’s depressing and I’m not here to bring down the mood. I’m here to raise the roof on the hypothetical party that I’m probably not invited to because it’s a work event and no one wants to bring an unemployed basement dweller to impress their boss with his comments about that last season of a TV show that nobody watched.

So what is this for? Am I here to ridicule the elites who refuse to do anything other than to bow down and kiss the feet of China? Am I here to be yet another person disappointed in Lebron’s status of money over the ethical treatment of humanity. Am I here to give my thoughts on the current Democratic presidential process due to their being a debate tonight in an hour or so? Nah man, of course not. I’m here to just sit at a laptop and type something with only one initial sentence in my head planned and see what happens. I just want all the local magazines, websites, heck, they can even be global, I’m still willing to be hired to critique fine arts and entertainment. I’m also here to critique the post office who seems to have a very ineffective strategy of delivering me a single parcel and making me traverse through the streets of uptown Washington Heights to hopefully locate my package of dog toys. Maybe I’ll write about my attempt to even think of a Halloween costume that has some appeal that isn’t solely to make myself laugh. Or there’s a chance I’ll write to remind myself to work on preparing things for my partner’s upcoming birthday because I keep saying I have “big, big plans” and then forgetting to start them with any sense of urgency.

Really though, I think I’ll just keep inserting random paragraph breaks even though I’m not moving onto a new subject, but it looks cleaner when I do like it this. All I know is that my brain seems to work better when I’m writing out my nonsensical thoughts and maybe having a person or two find a glimmer of enjoyment from my nonsense. It’s either this or see what local therapists accept Medicaid because I might as well accept any form of health insurance I can get until I find a job. I think in an ideal world, I do both of those things and more, and that’s why I like writing these things out. Because I can put my words to paper (as paper as the internet is) and actually makes me realize things that my subconscious is telling me to do and struggling to get out. So blah, blah blah, I don’t know when the next one of these will even drop nor do I have any idea of the topic at hand that it’ll cover. I can just promise you that it’ll be more frequent than the last one was to this, except I also imagine (because I won’t look back and look it up) that I made a promise like this before and I ultimately failed to deliver. I gotta stick to my word one of these times and I think this time it’s for real. Hopefully. So it goes.


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