It’s always funny how whenever I return to this blog, the most recent post typically seems to be me talking about my triumphant return to said blog. And then there’s nothing after that. And yet, I continue to do this over and over ad nauseam. I even typically conclude a post thinking, “That feels good. I should keep doing this like I literally just said I would.” Then months go by and I finally return to realize my idea of a topic was what I wrote about prior. Is that this point of this post? To vilify myself for not living up to the expectations that only I set up for me. There really isn’t a point to writing this, just I thought maybe I could publish something interesting while I’m stuck at home 80% of the time. Obviously, when I mean to publish, I strictly mean to the interwebs, and not in any professional capacity whatsoever.

Granted, I don’t have anything that interesting to write about. Though I might be in New York City, in the epicenter of the pandemic, I’d rather not write about the quarantine situation. Because writing about it doesn’t change it, and explaining my working from home, and makeshift workout schedule while watching British TV programs isn’t the most interesting topic either. I will include a note to wash your hands though, and continue with the quarantine process no matter how annoying, because well, then the sooner it can end.

I have been eating more soup lately. Mainly that’s led me to realize that the human body can ingest a lot of soup at once. I wouldn’t say that that is something I recommend, but soup seems to have no effect on how a stomach feels until 5 minutes after you finished eating it, regardless of the portion size. You can eat a thimble, or you can eat a something larger than thimble portion and lo and behold, five minutes and you’ll get some rumbles in your tummy. As I’m writing this semblance of a paragraph, I can tell that I haven’t been writing one of these things in a long time when I felt this diatribe on soup was something worth including. I can’t even say that I’ll make sure to improve within the next post in the next day or two because every time I’ve said that, I’ve cursed myself to never post again.

Consider this like a test run though. A test run that hopefully, I do improve from and actually persist in trying to improve from. I think the real issue is that I was hoping for some food to be delivered and I keep feeling like it’s minutes away from coming. So I don’t want to be too invested in something like this, and then give it all up to eat. I even considered just saving this and writing something tomorrow where I wasn’t spending every moment waiting for a doorbell. Or maybe I can blame my lack of creative output on the drier that is very loud and annoying. I don’t even know if it’s drier or dryer and I refuse to find out. They both look wrong. I’m just using this post as pressure washer shooting into a gutter and starting to clear the gunk out. At first, it might just be a dribble or drizzle and soon enough, all the crap will start shooting out. Or some other analogy that makes more sense and flows better. For the past 4 months, I’ve just been writing case notes for my job so it’s a lot less flowy and more technical. I’m trying to get back into the scheme of writing in my own weird little style which is basically me going on a stream of consciousness about mundane topics that pop into my head.

At the very least there are no sports currently so I can’t have a topic that curses all of that. Gotta find some [insert another analogy or metaphor or whatever the thing is, maybe an idiom that makes sense and isn’t me just drawing a complete blank.] I’m glad I ended on a call back to previous blog posts that are probably years old at this point so I might be one of the only people that understand the reference. Classic Hank. So it goes.


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