movie club.

I like to start clubs. As I type that, I almost immediately regret it because I’ve started like two clubs in my entire life. Also, saying I started clubs isn’t that impressive of a feat when the maximum amount of people to be in any of them has been three people. The maximum amount of people participating in them at any given time has been two people. I don’t even know if there’s a number of people that need to be included to call things a club, so me labeling my ideas as such might even be factually true. Let me fix my first sentence. I like to start clubs (if a club means a book club where we read a couple books together and then one person quits and then the founder also gives up and then tries to reboot it a couple years later and hopes for a better outcome but promptly fails at that one too.)

This isn’t about a book club though. I probably mentioned book club when I wrote a post about Bridget that I think I wrote at some point. I never read these blogs, I never check back to see what I said or didn’t, I just have an iffy memory of things I wrote that I convince myself is true. Movie club might be a spin-off from book club round two, but they both tell a similar tale. A tale as old as time. I really intended to include more lyrics to a Beauty and the Beast song there before promptly realizing that I have no idea what the next lyric is and I’m not trying to listen to the song as this instant or else I’d go down the Disney rabbit hole and who knows if I’d ever come out and actually finish this. I already spent 20 minutes staring at a blank page that just said “movie club” and asking myself if there was even a point to writing this.

The point isn’t whether there’s a point or not. The point was I needed a barely-there concept to convince me to write something and eek out anything compared to me just writing another comeback blog that didn’t go anywhere, again. Thus, this brings me to movie club. After book club round 2 essentially ended after reading one book, and no matching tattoos, we were in a standstill. A quarantine had now been affecting the world, a global pandemic was upon us, and two of us were struggling to read a Brazilian romance novel that seemed to be half footnotes that my girlfriend suggested. Did she even get the book to read herself? I don’t think we ever reached that conclusion because our club is not keen on communication. Or it’s not keen on quality communication. Here’s an example of some conversation snippets from movie club, “Hey, how’d you like that movie?”, “How was Burning?”, “I wonder if anyone enjoyed Burning?”, “Hey, how was Burning?”. These questions were either met with silence or an admission of one member falling asleep. I do not know if the aforementioned girlfriend even knows that book club got changed into movie club, and if she did, she certainly did not even attempt to watch the film.

The movie itself doesn’t matter even though I already mentioned it in the blog. It was Burning. It was based off a short story by Haruki Murakami, so it tied into the previous book club. It was a Korean drama that was a slow burn. Haha, get it? That’s a terrible joke and puns are for people who aren’t funny. It was a romance that I’m not sure if I liked or didn’t like and yet I felt invested in the story and I came away not knowing if I even cared about the characters. It would’ve been a nice discussion to have with the two other members of the group (of which at least 1 knows they’re in the group) and I would’ve liked to hear more thoughts. Am I going to share more of my thoughts about the movie here? No. Who cares? Since I last watched Burning last weekend, I binged all of High Fidelity in a couple days and I have many more thoughts about that. I also will not be talking about that.

I’m not here to talk about anything. I’m here to take thin premises and stretch them into a ramshackle combination of words that I hope is interesting or entertaining to one or two people. I can’t wait for the second movie in movie club. It’s not even my turn to pick and I’ll still manage to be the only person to watch it. I wonder how long it’ll take my partner to even realize she’s involved. I have no idea how this post ended up being a few hundred more words than the previous post and I had even less idea of what to write this time. Maybe my gears are finally starting to spin a little more, or well, I can’t even think of a second comment. Glad I nailed the ending of this. So it goes.


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