My PSA of the day.

Working out is fun! Not drinking is probably good for you! But who really cares about either of those when you’re on a beach getaway for the weekend and you can finally kick back and have a brewski or two? Really though, I gotta chronicle that I’m actually going to the gym and having my butt kicked day in and day out when I do thanks to a partner. Oh sure, let’s add that to the PSA. Workout with a partner! No matter their size or stature, just make sure they can actually get you working hard and not slacking like I know us solo goers are apt to do from time to time. It’s nice. It feels good. I feel good. I still feel good. Mind and body. So yeah, I also need to write this so when this girl leaves next week and I realize I still have a week here and two weeks left on a gym membership that I actually enjoy it and sure, sometimes I wake up too sore to even get out of bed but dang nabbit, that’s good. I think it’s good. Or else I broke my body. But seeing as the other stuff I’ve put it through, I’d rather feel that than other things. That’s really it kids. Work out. Be healthy. And realize that putting it off isn’t doing you any favors because then you just think about how dumb you were and how much time you missed out on when you get back into the groove. Now to continue this for the next few months. That’ll be the true test. Keep on motivating me blog. I say this like I go back and read my own posts but I’m more writing this for others to realize that I’m saying this with great exclamation and exuberance that I’m feeling really good and I know this is contributing and I don’t want to stop but I know me and I know I might want to stop but I need to realize that I really don’t because I’m better off not stopping but but but but but. I wanted to see how many buts I could put in a sentence. I lost count. Probably because I did not count. The point is to be healthy and keep doing things to make you healthy and even if it’s hard, it’s worth it in the end because I feel great. I want to keep feeling great. Let’s make sure that happens. So it goes.


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