Weekend Adventures

Sometimes I put a lot of thought into a title that someone might appreciate and other times, I do this. I couldn’t think of anything exciting so I just made the most boring, generic title that I could. I really wanted to title this post, Prostitutes. Except that’s probably going to be a sentence or two and didn’t really warrant that great honor. Who am I kidding? I’m gonna make the majority of this blog about the two possible prostitutes I saw for about five minutes. Jaco, Costa Rica is apparently a sleazy town. Sleazy because it’s a beach town populated by tourists. Sleazy because tourists are probably sleazy in and of themselves and they desire sleazy things. Wait. No. I don’t want to come across saying drugs and hookers and gambling are sleazy. Maybe not to me, but in the general sense of the word, we’ll go with sure. It doesn’t matter. I’m just going with what I was told, not what I’m saying is my opinion. All I know is that I was expecting prostitutes aplenty and drugs offered me on every street corner like that gosh darn travel guide said. Sadly, I was not offered drugs in a variety of different languages. Nor did I see people snorting crack off of scantily clad women or men of the night. But I did see pudgy, balding men with latina women twenty years their junior. I could maybe believe it if I saw only one of these phenomenons but when I saw a guy walking off holding hands with two beach babe beauties saying “Let’s go back to my place,” I lit up with a smile and thought this is why you sit at the resort bar alone having cocktails and watching wrestling in Spanish. What I’m trying to say is that this weekend, a girl and I went to Jaco and just spent the night in a lavish resort and it was great. They had pillows you could rent just to have them smell like lavender. They had robes that felt like…something really comfortable that a robe could realistically feel like. They even had a phone with cool touch screen technology that ultimately didn’t do much more than let you schedule wake up calls. It was pretty nice. It had a pool. It had a beach. It had a bar. It had the most white people I’ve probably seen in the past few months and then most english I’ve heard spoken as well. I believe I did mention casinos and of course it had one built into it’s lobby. Along with a nightclub! A night club that I didn’t go to at all but I definitely heard a man grumpily complaining about how it wasn’t soundproofed and how he got no sleep at all because of that. The obvious solution would just be to party himself if he can’t sleep but he didn’t seem to pick up on that and I didn’t want to tell him his mistake because he already seemed pretty peeved. The casino though! I didn’t go because I don’t gamble because I don’t believe in handing out handfuls of my money but I observed, oh, I observed all right. When I say I observed, all I’m trying to say is that they had Titanic themed slot machines and a game just called Dogs. It resembled a slot machine but I can’t say for sure. I just know it had Lassie on it. I didn’t want to check because I knew such a game would instantly pull me in. Seeing Rose and Jack was almost too much for me to bear. Had Lassie and those lovers been right next to each other instead of ten feet apart, you wouldn’t be seeing any blog posts of mine because I would have pawned my laptop to keep playing those remarkable creations. I abstained. It was hard. I still think about it today. I also had my first alcoholic beverage in the past month. Not bad! Glad it hasn’t lost its appeal. Again though, no, I made sure to cut myself off before I could give in to the temptation of DOGS. Man, I really do miss that game. I miss it this much without even having played it. The weekend was just basically what the upper middle class and above do when they go and take a vacation to Peru. They stay in an extravagantly nice place, they don’t ingratiate themselves in the culture at all, and they pay a lot of money to have all you can eat buffets. I managed to not spend 40$ to eat shrimp off the barbie, and I even held my tongue when a woman said “This is how you say thank you in Spanish.” I know lady, I know. It was a nice weekend. It was a fun weekend, but I’m definitely glad I’m here for the length of time I am and I’m definitely glad I haven’t spent my entire trip in luxury. It’s nice to know Costa Rica is more than just bi lingual hotel staff who cater to every need and whim of the white tourists who flood their hotel accommodations. Still though. It was a fun experience. And it’s quite nice to sleep in a bed that isn’t twin sized for once. Can’t believe I only have three weeks or so more speaking Spanish before I’m off into an entirely new culture where I can’t comprehend anything around me. Arabic? French? Oh golly. Until then, I’m gonna soak up every moment I can in Costa Rica and then Spain. I’m over halfway done with this trip. Wow. We’re like a week away from four months. Yowza. So far, so good. So it goes.


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