Rapidos y Furiosos 7

Today, I see it. I could write a post viewing experience review of it here but who needs that? Everyone knows it’s going to be amazing and everyone knows that it’s a real tear jerker when we have to truly say goodbye to Paul Walker. I thought about writing about my week or something but c’mon man, I just wrote over 1000 words about it a couple days ago. I have light hearted thoughts too. Plus, I didn’t want to write too much right now because I’m about to go to the gym. Or walk to the gym. Yesterday I walked there only to find out it was closed and then eventually shooed off by the police. I have no idea if today or tomorrow will be any different. I was telling a pal that apparently Thursday and Friday are bigger days here than Easter weekend. This imprisonment and execution of Jesus is more important by the resurrection that comes afterwards. That’s a little bleak. And know what people do when bleak things happen? They see a movie where Brian and Dom and the family race fast cars and blow up stuff. Just like Jesus would have wanted it. So it goes.


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