My Alabama Story…

…is an ongoing one. A one that started way back in 2008 and here I am still at it in 2016. Just imagine I’m going for a doctorate or something. I kept wanting to write a blog post about going back to Alabama, then my first few days in Alabama, then watching Alabama win another national championship, then my first day of classes, then my first week of classes, and finally I’m just writing this because it’s a Tuesday and I only had one class and I can’t put it off much any longer. Not because I want to put it off but rather I never know if anyone wants to read what I have to say. Which is a stupid way to think because I know that most everyone wants to read what I have to say and when people see that I don’t have any new updates they get really sad and their day is ruined. I’m not here to ruin any days, any weeks, any lives. The blog is here, the blog is here to stay and I’ll try to update it more regularly. I’ve been in Alabama for ten days or so now and I must say it’s a quite different experience than me being here four years ago. I say that because when I first pulled into Tuscaloosa I wasn’t met with a sense of dread but rather a sense of excitement. I was ready to be back, I was ready to start back and I wasn’t anxious, other than the fact that I was ready to start as soon as I could. As I told a friend, one of my main memories from doing T-Town Round 2 back in 2012 was showing up to a class and not being able to sit in a desk facing right towards the teacher because I’d put on so much weight due to my depression plight. That I had to sit at an angle, and all I thought was how I was being judged by all the other students. Good news to report that I can now properly sit in a desk and a table and am not subject to my peer’s ridicule. What else has happened though? I had maintenance workers unlock my door which I didn’t even know they had a key to and subject them to me in my underwear. I’ve been woken up by fire alarms at 7:30 AM on a Sunday and then subjected myself to freezing because I had no idea it was in the low 30s and I was just wearing shorts. I’ve actually gone to the gym so that’s nice. I’ve actually bought and eaten kale and realized that yes, I still have no idea how to cook it and it tastes like chewing rubber with a worst taste. I bought a pillow. Okay, now that’s getting a little less and less interesting. However, I do remember when I returned home from being abroad and I had decided that yes, I do want to finish my schooling because having a piece of paper in something is better than not having one at all. I remember saying I want to go to anywhere except Alabama. That I loved the place but I thought my time there was done and I had to move on elsewhere. Granted when you have a piss poor GPA it kind of limits your options so here I am back here again. I just say that because even in the past couple of months my way of thinking has changed. I don’t know if it was because I realized I’d have to go to Alabama but I started to get excited about going back to Alabama. Because I did remember the good memories, I remembered the brilliant minds I met and the great times I had. I remembered that I was so passionate about something as silly as a football team that I got my body tattooed in honor of them. Which is why I’m glad I feel how I feel now because as I said, I’m excited to be here. I’m happy to be here. I feel like I belong here. Which I never thought I would feel again. Sure, I might have like a total of one friend in the Tuscaloosa area and he’s related to me but still. I can make more friends! I came to Alabama knowing no one and some of the best people I know are from here. I’m just happy to be happy. Sure, as I said, it’s been ten days. There’s plenty of time to change my mind and regret this. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Most likely I’ll be here for two years or so. Two years of enjoyable fun knowledge gaining times. I do not like how that sentence looks at all but I’m not going to fix it because Alabama is great. Does that even make sense? Who cares, I’ve written over 800 words now. I ain’t perfect, I’m just typing scattered thoughts. I just want everyone to know I’m here at Alabama, I’m excited to actually be at Alabama, and here’s hoping that third time’s the charm. T-Town never down. Hank always up? Doesn’t have the same ring to it. So it goes.


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